Britton F. Goodrich
President & Founder

  • NC Unlimited License
  • SC Unlimited License
  • 2010 Builder of the Year
  • 2011 GCHBA President

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.
Who We Are...
Goodrich Builders, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Britton F. Goodrich.  After working for two of Charlotte's premiere custom home builders as a project manager, the goal to start the business was realized.  Since it's inception, Goodrich Builders, Inc. began focusing on residential projects.  However, since 2009, success has come through commercial projects also.  No matter the type of project, the following Core Values make us who we are.

We Believe In Honor - We honor everyone involved with each project.  We honor the owners, the subcontractors, suppliers, inspectors, as well as those in the community of each project.  They all deserve our best.

We Are United Under the Mission of Each Project - It is our job to make sure that everyone involved with the project is lead to meet the end goal as a team.  It will take that effort from each subcontractor in order for each project is a success by our standards.  Teamwork is key.

We Think INSIDE the Box - Many say that we should "Think Outside the Box."  However, with every project their are limitations.  We embrace them, and this inspires some of our best creativity and innovation in order to work through challenges and opportunities to improve our processes and thus the overall project.

We Strive for Excellence - We focus on doing what we do at the highest level of excellence and that means concentrating on each individual part of each project.  We contract specialist in each area so that the very best can be achieved on the collective effort of an entire project.

"In God We Trust, but Everyone Else Bring Data" - As decisions are made, we must collect exact and proper information in order to lead us in the right direction.  We will measure what is being done on a continual basis and make sure that standards of excellence are met through the entire process.

We Will Not Take Our Projects For Granted - We appreciate the opportunities we are given and will not take them lightly.
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